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10 week Programs

10 week programs include a detailed workout schedule to follow each workout, individual weekly check-ins, before and after pics and measurements, nutrition plan, and group accountability via private facebook groups or google meet sessions. Each 10 week program is set up for a specific goal: weight loss, preseason training, or mass building

  • Weight Loss Plan

    Shed Pounds, Gain Confidence, Embrace Health!
    Valid for 10 weeks
    • Designed for those aiming to lose 10-20+ pounds
    • Customized workout schedule and nutrition plan
    • Weekly virtual check-ins for progress tracking
    • Daily workouts and meal plans tailored for results
    • Group support through virtual meetups and chats
  • Preseason Training Plan

    Dominate Your Season: Elevate Your Game, Excel from Day One!
    Valid for 10 weeks
    • Tailored workout schedule and skill training guide
    • Geared towards preparing for upcoming sports seasons
    • Ensure peak performance and readiness for competition
    • Daily workouts and skill drills to enhance agility and quick
    • Access to video links for additional skill development
    • Weekly check-ins for group or individual motivation
  • Mass Building Plan

    Unleash Your Strength: Sculpt Your Body, Build Your Power!
    Valid for 10 weeks
    • Comprehensive workout schedule for muscle growth
    • Customized nutrition macros for optimal gains
    • Detailed lifting critiques for form improvement
    • Advanced techniques to maximize lean muscle development
    • Macro tracking essential for sculpting your ideal physique
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