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24 hour access facility

Anytime is a great time to work out at Fit 4 Life.  Our Fit 4 Life App gives you access 24 hours a day / 365 days a year.  The Pandora powered stereo system lets you choose the music.  The basketball court and turf areas are also available 24/7, unless reserved.  Burn an extra 300-500 cal. in the sauna after you finish your training!



The weight room contains the following:

  • open and cage squat racks 

  • smith machine 

  • hack squat / hip sled

  •  leg ext. / leg curl

  •  standing and seated calf raise

  •  butt blaster

  •  bumper plates for deadlifts and cleans  

  •  bench presses 

  •  lat pulldown station

  •  cable crossover / assisted pull-up

  •  free weight benches / abdominal  stations  

  •  battle ropes / kettle bells / sand bells /  tractor tires / heavy bag  

  •  preloaded curl bars  


  •  dumbbells go from 5 lbs-150lbs



Annual:                   Single - $475    

                                 Family - $799


12 month:                Single - $44/month 

                                 Family -$74/month


Month-to-month   Single - $54/month

                                  Family - $84/month


Fit 4 Life App pro access is included with all membership options

  • all members must have a valid email for the app

  • sales tax not included

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