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  • How does online training work?
    We meet via google meet or messenger and walk you through every step of your workout program each session
  • What do I need to work with a trainer virtually?
    All you need is your smartphone or tablet with a camera function, and earbuds if you are working out in a commercial gym setting.
  • What if I live out of the area or am traveling?
    Great! We can train you at any gym, on the road at a park, or in the comfort of your own home.
  • Do I have to belong to a gym to train with Fit 4 Life?
    We can train you at any facility or even at your home. Workouts can be done inside, outside, or in a hotel room. We work with what you have available.
  • What if I don't like certain foods?
    With meal planning, you choose the foods you eat. We work with your natural tendencies and food choices to make planning and eating your meals a pleasure.
  • Where can I find equipment to train at home?
    We offer a wide variety of workout equipment to train on our site. Please check out the shop to buy a few missing items, or to build the ultimate home gym. We can also help you find the specific equipment to help you reach your goals. We work with several local gym equipment suppliers to ensure quality equipment that fits your needs.
  • How do I get started?
    Purchase the package that best fits your needs. We will then reach out personally to schedule your training sessions and set up your weekly check-ins.
  • What times are available to train?
    We are very flexible on training times. However, slots do fill up. Sign up today to ensure your spot on the schedule
  • What if I want to work out on my own, but am not sure what to do?
    Sign up for a month of training. We can walk you through the workouts, and provide you with a spreadsheet to follow on your own. If you are just looking for a detailed workout plan, we can do that for you and walk you through the exercises and you can train on your own.
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