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For many years I have eaten “clean”, or what I thought was clean.  I was struggling to get down to my goal weight regardless of what I tried.  I was counting calories and carbs to the point that I was not fueling my workouts causing metabolic damage.  I got engaged and decided I now have a motivator to get this un-wanted weight off. I called Shain at Fit 4 Life for help with a meal plan that would help get me over this plateauand re-ignite my metabolism.   I had 2 months to lose the un-wanted pounds and body fat and thanks to Shain I achieved my goal weight and was able to walk down the isle with confidence.



Doug Cozad our GET FIT Challenge winner! 
Claiming his $1000 check for losing over 60 lbs in 12 weeks and dropping 20% of his body weight.
GREAT JOB! — at Fit 4 Life Sports Training & 24 Hr Gym.

Last Year's GET FIT Challenge winner, Do
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